I am the author of the suspense novels Blood On His Hands and Kettle of Vultures.

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The idea of writing a novel, to actually making a living as a writer, was spawned in 1966. Too young at only ten years of age to be influenced  much by world event’s spinning around me I was however, captivated by riding the train the eight miles from the village of Codsall into Wolverhampton; a journey that took me through very English countryside to the industry of the Black Country. I documented the progress of the trip through the carriages windows as the Friesian cows and horses on the country farms disappeared to be replaced with the slums and factories. I learned how to use adjectives, verbs and realized that I had the ability to entertain with words.

The premise for Blood on His Hands stemmed from reality; ideas that grew from my divorce and subsequent foray on the Appalachian Trail as a way to recover. Finally a story, from the morass of my life, with enough substance to base a story around. After all, they say write what you know. From the journey of discovery into my own morality came a tale worthy of committing time to recording and in 2009, while searching in vain for a literary agent, I self-published my first novel.

I’ve decided that I got into this authoring game twenty years too late. No longer are there thousands of agents waiting to reject your work, or hundreds of publishers vying over your new book, paying for all your marketing and sending you on nation-wide publication tours, but instead the legions of interested parties have vastly diminished leaving many to self-publish. I do believe this greatly devastates the quality of books flooding the market. As a reviewer for Suspense Magazine I’ve read more than my fair share of novels in desperate need of an editor. All of a sudden every new author seems to think they are an expert in editing, marketing and publishing. Luckily for me a new animal has recently reared its head – the emergence of the indie publisher. A specialty group of publishers that predominantly work in a particular genre but only takes a small number of books each year, usually from a dozen to three dozen books annually.

My second novel, Kettle of Vultures, has been picked up by Moonshine Cove Publishing. One of those indie-publishers. The novel is slated for publication March 7, 2016. KOV is an introduction of Tucson police detective, Nate Duarte, the son of an illegal alien and a U.S. Border Agent. Follow his story as he not only solves some of the most heinous sex-crimes committed in Tucson but tracks down the evil Mexican cartel leader, Ramon Adolfo ‘El Perro Guapo’ Sanchez, the man personally responsible for the death of Duarte’s parents.

Are the Indies the end all and publishing now? That waits to be seen. It could be that they stick with you and make a name for themselves if your book takes off, or are they a means-to-an-end with the big publishing houses nosing around with a money deal if you are lucky enough to have a best-selling Indie novel? Buy the book and make me a big time novelist and I’ll answer that question for you! As it is I am now a published novelist with a publishing house backing me up. A new journey waits me however I can tell you that I am still responsible for about 90% of the marketing, even with an indie-publisher, so follow my page, sign up for announcements, spread the word and be a part of future of my new trilogy.