I wish I could tell you that I have good writing habits, but unfortunately I don’t seem to, a least recently. Ever since deciding to shelve my trilogy project for now, to write a more pressing novel, the project seems to have slowed down. To the point that I think about writing more that I actually write.

I have plotted and made notes and tried to start up a critique group to make me produce faster, but it hasn’t helped. I’ll soldier on the best I can. My life is all about waiting to retire (three years and two months, but whose counting) when I can make writing my daily job. Until then I wait on flashes of genius and the time to actually write the novel.

The book that decided it was important to be written first is ICON. I’m writing a female protagonist, Katie McCall. She is an art historian, and recruited member of Art Alliance Restoration Coalition (AARC). A shadowy organization that recovers last art. Katie’s penchant is the Ark of the Covenant and we will be travelling in the footsteps of the Knights Templar throughout Petra and Europe, knocking swords with ISIS and Russian special forces. I promise an international romp with twists galore.