MarkPSadlerProfileImageI was born in the summer of 1956 and grew up in the small village of Codsall Wood, in South Staffordshire, England. It was a magical place, with ghosts dating back to its founding in 1086 wandering in the ten-thousand acre forest that bordered my back garden. As a child my imagination created all kinds of stories from my wandering in the woods, fueled by artifacts dug up in the garden that included an old sword carried by Cromwell’s troops. This region of England was well known to have hidden King Charles from the Parliamentarian army.

I quickly learned the joy of discovery through books as my mother, a pre-school teacher, quickly had me reading at a level two years ahead of my age by the time I entered primary school. I won my first reading prize in my beginning year at St. Nicholas’ Primary.  At ten- years old I knew that one day I would write a book. By the time I graduated from Codsall Comprehensive in 1974 a future in writing seemed to be taking a clear path. I immigrated to the States on a student visa and attended Ambassador College, Big Sandy, Texas and participated in journalism and speech classes, intent on a journalism degree.

Settling in Oklahoma City, with a family that included two small boys, writing took a back seat to earning a living. From the factory floors of Robberson Steel to the sales floor at Intempo Wood Factory, from employment counselor to debt collector, I finally found a permanent position at Retail Merchants Collection Service as a bill collector. Debt collections led to my career that has now spanned over thirty years and has remained the one constant in the soap opera of my life.

As the boys became teenagers opportunities came for me to write again. One day in 1994, picking up a copy of a new publication, OKC Sports Fan Forum, I noticed that there was no soccer mentioned, typical of just about any publication in Oklahoma that was so entrenched in football, basketball and baseball. When I called to complain to the editors I was offered the opportunity to write an editorial column covering the progression of soccer in Oklahoma as America faced the hosting of the World Cup. By 2007 I was moving to Tucson. My boys were now adults so with a little extra time on my hands I once again took up the skills that had engrained themselves in me during high school, and took on the task that I knew one day I would succeed in; it was time to write a book. Blood on His Hands was the result. I self- published in 2009 using Infinity Publishing, a print on demand publisher.

While I still search for an agent I have completed a new novel Kettle of Vultures, the first in a trilogy featuring Tucson police detective Nate Duarte. It will be released March 7, 2016 and published by indie-publisher, Moonshine Cove. I still live in Tucson, working on the second book in the trilogy, and making notes for an upcoming memoir, My Heart Bleeds Peanut Butter, while contributing reviews and articles to Suspense Magazine and Tucson Foodie, two on-line magazines.


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Dennis Lynds

My name really is Mark P. Sadler. I have to use my middle initial as an author thanks to Dennis Lynds (1924-2005) a fellow novelist.

Over a span of four decades Lynds wrote over eighty novels, winning many awards including the coveted Edgar, which is awarded by the Mystery Writers of America.

Lynds wrote under a variety of names including the nom de plume Mark Sadler, hence the P. in my name. Similarly to me he also wrote detective stories and as Mark Sadler created Paul Shaw, a New York City private eye.

I have never read any novel that Lynds wrote under any of his pen names that also include Michael Collins, John Crowe and William Arden so that my form and style remain truly original.

For those that are interested you may read more about Lynds on the website that his wife Gayle maintains by clicking this link,