Words of praise for Kettle of Vultures:

“Sadler’s portrayal of Tucson police detective, Nate Duarte, helps maintain the future of Arizona police procedurals, long the realm of J A Jance and Elizabeth Gunn. He is one to watch for the future” Eric Jerome Dickey, New York Times best-selling author.

“If you like your noir dark and twisted, with a kick of southwestern caliente piquante, Kettle of Vultures will light you up. Mark Sadler is the real deal, you can take that to the bank and smoke it. David Henry Sterry, Author, book doctor, raker of muck.

“This book is a kettle of thrills! Full of twists, intrigue, and non-stop action, KETTLE OF VULTURES is satisfying from beginning to end. Readers are in excellent hands with Mark Sadler at the keyboard.” Brad Parks, Shamus, Nero and Lefty Award-winning author of The Player.

“Mark Sadler spins a fine tale of bad things happening in Southern Arizona’s border country, and his protagonist, Nate Duarte is someone it is easy to root for. Good action, fleshed-out characters, and descriptions of the country.” Billy Kring, author of Quick.

“Sadler’s descriptions pull you in, and once you’re there you won’t want to leave. His characters are so alive you can reach out and touch them. You really don’t want to miss this amazing book.” MaryAnn Carman, author of The Creek.

“Police detective, Nate Duarte, seeks justice—or is it revenge—for the death of his parents at the hands of a notorious Mexican cartel leader. But first, he must investigate a disturbing string of disappearances of young women in the Tucson area. Author Mark Sadler weaves these tales, offering surprising connections, and with a deft hand, takes you into the mind of a brutal serial killer in a twisted thriller set in the stunning yet savage Sonoran Desert.” Anne A Wilson, author of Hover

“A sex crimes cop obsessed with the drug cartel enforcer who murdered his parents. A prostitute with no idea why Detective-Inspector Nathaniel Duarte is her guardian angel. A serial killer who murders his female victims in the most fiendish way imaginable. A nun who holds the key to unlocking the secrets of Duarte’s past. These are only a few of the spicy ingredients Sadler has stirred into Kettle of Vultures, his new novel set in what the author describes as the sordid underbelly of Tucson, Arizona. Sadler takes the reader on a wild ride that ranges from the Mexican border to the creepy desert community of Three Points. Duarte must put aside the investigation of his own murky origins to solve a missing women case and finds himself in a race to prevent more hideous deaths at the hands of the most fiendish killer since Hannibal Lecter.” Paul Kemprecos, author of Grey Lady, (the latest in the Aristotle “Soc’ Socarides  series).

“Fascinating tale set in Arizona, this fast-paced mystery is rife with intrigue and suspense. A gritty and relevant rollercoaster of a ride. Author Sadler’s fresh voice is sure to enthrall.”Deborah J Ledford,  author of Causing Chaos

Vengeance is a slow burn for Border Agent Nate Duarte. In the first of author Mark Sadler’s Border Noir Series, Duarte uncovers an uncanny link between the sudden disappearance of young women in the Tucson area and the murder of his parents he witnessed as a child. A tale of two lives, so psychologically thrilling and action packed readers will be turning the pages, unsure of the outcome to the very end. ” – Nancy Cole Silverman, author of Shadow of Doubt

“Sadler slices open the dark underbelly of Arizona, and draws you into a visceral world of seedy criminals and murderous predators with unnerving ease….” Peter Mark May, author of AZ: Anno Zombie

Like a sidewinder, the tension rattles and you’re never sure when  it’s going to strike.Hart Johnson, author of A Shot in the Light

“A gritty crime thriller with authentic Southwest flair. Captivating, suspenseful, brilliant writing with accurate detail. You’ll forget you’re reading.” Bradley Nickell,  author of Repeat Offender

“A dangerous desert comes alive under Sadler’s descriptive hand in this riveting page-turner… A fast-paced story where international politics, deviant behavior, and one seriously deranged killer meet in a hot, hostile desert… The wicked underbelly of a desert city unfolds in breathless fashion in this taut thriller.” Laurie Stevens, author of The Dark Before Dawn.

“Kettle of Vultures is a no-holds-barred ride through polar opposite worlds in Tucson, Arizona. Delve into the drug laden sex trade, the mind of a psychopath mass murderer and the cops that do the hard, but necessary work of policing sick, maladjusted people. The story walks us through the Detective Nate Duarte’s rescue from Mexico as a child, his obsession to avenge his mother and his commitment to justice. He’s a powerful character and is poised to be a fantastic hero in future novels. If you like gritty, raw, explicit thrillers you’ll love this book.” Anderson Atlas, author of The 6th Horseman